'We're afraid of him getting infections:' Aurora hotel strike health concerns for guests

Posted at 4:01 PM, Aug 14, 2017

AURORA, Colo – A viewer turned to Denver7 after staying in a less than satisfying hotel in Aurora.

Denver7 checked out the hotel and met the Gonzalez family who was worried the hotel’s conditions could make their child sick.

“We came to Colorado from New Mexico for my son who needed to get surgery,” said Beth Gonzalez.

Gonzalez has an infant son who has heart problems. Their insurance booked the family a hotel in Aurora called Extended Stay America.

“It was what they would pay for,” said Gonzalez.

The family has been staying at the hotel for two weeks in order for their son to recover.

“We’re afraid of him getting infections, and obviously he’s at high risk for infections,” said Gonzalez. “When we got inside, our room wasn’t the cleanest.”

Gonzalez also said the hotel itself wasn’t clean.

Viewers and Gonzalez sent Denver7 photos of inside the hotel.

The laundry room’s washer is filled with water and bugs. The room itself had multiple trash piles, and one viewer sent us pictures of the ceiling missing smoke detectors.

One viewer even sent a photo of feces left on the ground outside their room.

Denver7 went inside the hotel to try and speak with a manager.

An employee at the front desk said they had received some complaints from guests, but said it’s hard to keep up with cleaning some of the dog poop on the ground because no one tells them it’s there.

Denver7 spoke with another guest at the hotel who did not like the conditions.

“That makes me feel like I should get a refund and get far away from this hotel,” said Teddy Hollie. “They got things like that sitting in the hallway, and dog [poop] in the rooms and everything. I thought you guys paid maid service for things like that.” 

As for the Gonzalez, they hope they can stay somewhere else the next time they are in town for their son’s surgery.

Denver7 called Extended Stay America’s corporate office, but no one has called back.