Weld RE-4 Schools to be evaluated for COVID-19 positivity rates on rolling two-week basis

School board members passed a resolution Tuesday
Weld RE-4 Schools to evaluate COVID rates on rolling basis
Posted at 9:58 PM, Aug 24, 2021

WELD COUNTY, Colo. — Following a special session on Tuesday evening, the Weld RE-4 School Board passed a resolution modifying their district's current COVID-19 strategy.

The public meeting was held with a crowd of primarily maskless parents. Public comment lasted for nearly two hours, and most parents expressed their disapproval of enforcing masks.

The Weld RE-4 district began the school year with a mask-optional policy.

Now, schools will be monitored over rolling two-week periods. If a school's COVID-19 positivity rate goes above 3%, students will be required to wear masks for a two-week period.

Once a school's positivity rate drops below 3%, students no longer have to wear masks.

Board members also decided that at any time if a single class in grades K-5 has an outbreak — defined as five students or more — the class will transition to remote learning for a 14-day period.

During a slideshow presentation shared during the special session, the district said internal RE-4 data showed 104 students had tested positive for COVID-19 within the first ten days of school.

Grandview Elementary in Windsor reported a COVID-19 outbreak of 23 COVID-19 cases as of Tuesday. One classroom is already in quarantine and has switched to remote learning.