“We have had conflicting reports”: Colorado Board of Education denies Adams 14’s request for a new manager

Adams 14 School District
Posted at 6:06 PM, Jan 28, 2022

The Colorado State Board of Education on Friday denied Adams 14’s request to select a new organization to manage the school district following the termination of MGT Consulting’s contract in April, saying members need more information amid “conflicting reports” on what is actually occurring between the two entities.

The seven-member board voted unanimously, with members also saying that they can’t determine whether the district had cause to end the partnership with MGT Consulting because the district has not revealed the findings of a financial audit conducted last year.

“In this case, perhaps more than other cases, we have had conflicting reports,” said board member Rebecca McClellan, D-Centennial, adding that she wanted to see the results of a report by the State Review Panel on the district that is due in March before making a decision.

The board discussed holding a hearing in April to decide what steps to take next in regards to the future of Adams 14.

“We provided a long list of reasons that supported good cause,” said Joe Salazar, an attorney representing the Adams 14 school board, adding, “This whole hearing today with the state board of education was a hodgepodge of confusion.”

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