Ways to battle weeds in your garden and lawn

Posted at 4:30 AM, Jun 28, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-28 08:35:52-04

DENVER — Those pesky weeds may have you wanting to throw in the towel on your garden. This year, lawn service crews said they are seeing a spike in the number of weeds and how fast they are growing.

Denver7 checked in with horticulturists at the Denver Botanic Gardens to learn ways for you to stop weeds in their tracks without destroying your other plants or overall lawn.

10 percent enhanced vinegar. Horticulturists said you can find this at your local garden store. Pour the vinegar into a spray bottle or can and point directly at the weeds you want to get rid of. Wear gloves to avoid the vinegar getting on your skin.

Spread mulch. Horticulturists recommend pouring and spreading a layer of mulch in between flowers and plants. They said this will help limit the amount of weeds sprouting up from the ground.

Pull weeds straight out of the ground. This may seem like the old fashioned way, but horticulturists said it is good to get in the habit of pulling weeds as you walk through your lawn or garden.

Hire a local lawn service company. Some companies, such as Lawn Doctor, are switching to more natural chemical products to help keep lawns kid and pet friendly. Click here to learn about their services.

Steam machine. Grounds crews on the University of Colorado Boulder campus are using steam machines to get rid of weeds. The campus is the first university in the United States to try this method. CU has three machines, costing around $20,000 each. The steam machine boils water at more than 250 degrees and sprays out of a nozzle to kill the weed cells. The campus said this makes landscaping work more efficient and chemical free. Click here to learn about a consumer steam machine on the market.