La Plata County officials, Dylan's mother give Redwine case update after arrest, court appearance

Posted at 2:23 PM, Jul 25, 2017

LA PLATA COUNTY, Colo. — Authorities in La Plata County and the mother of Dylan Redwine both held news conferences Tuesday to talk about the arrest of Mark Redwine in the five-year-old case surrounding the death of his 13-year-old son, Dylan Redwine. 

On Tuesday, authorities in Washington state released police body camera footage of Redwine's arrest, which happened in Bellingham, Washington late Friday, just before midnight.

A day earlier, a judge in Washington ordered Redwine be held on a $1 million bail pending an Aug. 17 extradition hearing. He will fight extradition back to Colorado.

Redwine is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death. 

La Plata County officials were the first to talk Tuesday, and said they wanted to be sure their case was air-tight before they brought it to a grand jury for possible charges.

They said they wouldn't comment on evidence involved in the case, including a photo Dylan's brother, Cory, told Denver7 was "disgusting" and depicted Mark Redwine wearing a diaper and eating feces, because of "ethical concerns" about protecting the investigation's integrity.

Nonetheless, the district attorney said the compromising photos were indeed a "point of contention" between Dylan and Mark and were an "important part of the case."

But they said that they feel they did right in taking so long to bring the case to a grand jury.

"Time was on our side and we took advantage of that opportunity, and now it's time for justice for Dylan."

About two hours later, Dylan's mother, Elaine Hall, talked about the case and the arrest of her ex-husband.

She thanked investigators and the community for working so hard and for so long on the case.

"Thank you everyone for helping in this journey," she said. "We could not have done it without you."

"Our focus is now on Dylan and the sweet, generous soul that he was," she added.

Dylan Redwine disappeared while visiting his father on a court-approved visit during Thanksgiving 2012.

After extensive searches, investigators eventually found Dylan’s body 10 miles from his father’s Vallecito Lake home east of Durango.

Additional searches over the following months turned up more of the boy’s body. And the indictment related to Redwine’s charges details the gruesome details discovered by investigators over the years both out in the Colorado wilderness and at Redwine’s home.

A criminal profiler also talked with Denver7 about his work on the case and said Mark Redwine was likely a "registered psychopath narcissist." He said he was "certain" that Redwine would plead not guilty.

A defense attorney, Dan Recht, also spoke with Denver7 about the case Tuesday afternoon: