Watch: Driver breaks a host of laws, speeds past drivers on I-25

Posted at 4:23 PM, May 05, 2017

DENVER — It's a common complaint in Colorado: Driver's aren't great. That's why some may not be surprised to see a video of a driver speeding to pass people on the shoulder of a road, but it shook our Denver7 traffic expert.

Jayson Luber, Denver7's traffic guru, captured the video on his dash camera in a work zone on I-25 while driving to work. 

"This was one of the most startling events to happen to me on the road," Luber said after the fact.

Luber said he drove northbound on I-25 through the one-lane construction zone near Arapahoe Road. He said he was surprised to see a set of surprising bright lights approaching behind him in the shoulder of the road.

As the driver approacched, Luber said he swerved to avoid any collision, avoiding the vehicle. A number of other vehicles were passed before the car zooms out of view.

Although a police officer was stationed nearby, Luber said the cop did not pull out to pursue the person. Luber said the vehicle sounded and appeared to be a modified car.

"He put my life and other drivers' life in danger as well as the construction workers who were on the highway just up the road," Luber said. 

Watch the video above and decide for yourself. 

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