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Here's how to run a background check on somebody in Colorado

Posted at 4:30 AM, Nov 05, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-05 18:59:25-05

DENVER — For a fee, several online services can run a background check on a person, which can check if their name pops up on any sex offender registries or crimes reported in national databases.

But you can also go straight to the source of state records in Colorado.


CoCourts allows a user to search by name and doesn't require a birth date. However, having their birthday can be helpful if the person has a common name. 

This search costs $7, no matter if results are returned or not. 

To check out CoCourts, visit Click the "Sign Up" button and create a profile. Then, you can log in and accept the user agreement. 

After creating the account, you will see search boxes where you can fill in as much information as you want. Then click "Search." Cases are displayed and you must click on the case number to get information. Case numbers with a "CR" are criminal cases.

Use the back button to go back and view other results for the same search.

CBI records check

To check arrest records from cities and counties in Colorado, visit Click on the blue button that says "Individual." Multiple types of search options will show up on the next screen. You must enter a person's first and last name and their date of birth. 

Follow the prompts and your results will be delivered by email or in a downloadable PDF file. 

This costs is $6.85 and must be paid even if no results are returned.

This database searches public records in the Department of Public Safety’s Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

Colorado sex offender registry

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation maintains a sex offender registry that lists most people convicted of a sex offense. 

After opening the link, accept the agreement and you will see a search box where you enter information into a search box and explore the results. 

According to the website, the CBI does not post information concerning sex offenders only convicted of misdemeanor sex offenses or juveniles adjudicated for sex crimes.