Voters to pick Republican nominee for Colorado's 8th Congressional District

State Rep. Gabe Evans, endorsed by Trump, appears to have the momentum. But the state party has endorse his primary opponent
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Posted at 5:22 PM, Jun 21, 2024

DENVER — Voters in Colorado’s 8th Congressional District will select the Republican nominee on Tuesday.

The winner will have to quickly pivot to the general election, which could be one of the most watched and most expensive House races in the country.

Congresswoman Yadiera Caraveo, a Democrat, barely squeaked out a win in 2022 and it could be just as close this time around.

Few people know that better than Colorado State Representative Gabe Evans.

He’s one of two Republicans running to be his party’s nominee in CD-8, which includes Greeley, Brighton, Thornton and Commerce City.

“For Republicans, it is the biggest pickup opportunity in the state of Colorado,” said Evans.

Evans, a former Arvada police officer who also served in the Army and National Guard, has the backing of most party leaders, including former President Donald Trump and U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson.

According to Federal Election Commission filings, Evans also has a massive lead in fundraising over his Republican primary opponent, Janak Joshi, a former state lawmaker and retired doctor.

Despite that, Evans is taking no chances.

“You always run like you're three points behind, so I’m just doing as much as I possibly can in these last few days,” said Evans. “But we're feeling really, really confident.”

Evans said if he’s elected to Congress, he’ll work across the aisle

“Look at my legislative record down at the state capitol. I'm in the super minority, and I still got just under two-thirds of my bills passed because I'm able to find that common ground and work well with people,” said Evans.

He said immigration is one of his top priorities.

“We have to secure the border. That means we have control of what's moving back and forth across our border with our neighbor to the south,” said Evans.

Joshi also promises to secure the border.

“Today, illegal immigration, condoned by radical Democrats and weak-kneed Republicans, is destroying our country and mortgaging the future of our kids and grandkids,” said Joshi. “I will fight to finish the wall, crack down on sanctuary cities, and stop the flow of illegal immigrants pouring over our dangerously open borders.”

Voters to pick Republican nominee for Colorado's 8th Congressional District

In a recent interview with Denver radio station 710 KNUS, Joshi also said he would favor a national ban on abortion if elected to Congress.

“If it comes I will, but I have a feeling that we are not going to have it,” said Joshi.

Evans said he does not favor a national ban on abortion.

“The pro-life movement worked for a half of a century to have Roe overturned, and when that happened and the Supreme Court sent it back to the States, I think it was very clear that this is something that is now up to the states,” said Evans. “Like President Trump, I don't support a national abortion ban.”

While most Republican leaders are backing Evans, the Colorado Republican Party has endorsed Joshi.

The party, which until this year didn’t endorse candidates in the primaries, said it could not endorse Evans since he declined to fill out a party questionnaire.

The state party said it would ultimately support Evans if he won the primary.

“I think we can all read the headlines with what's going on with our state party, and I don't answer to the state party,” Evans said.

Joshi did not respond to Denver7’s requests for an on-camera interview on Friday.

On the Democratic side, Caraveo is running unopposed in the party’s primary.

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