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Volunteers deliver groceries and vaccine information to seniors in Denver

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Posted at 4:53 PM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-15 19:44:44-05

DENVER — Since last March, the Denver Delivery Network has been providing necessities to area seniors by delivering grocery orders. Now, they’ve added to that mission to provide vital vaccine information for that population they already serve.

“We have some connections with people in the Denver area that are providing vaccinations,” co-founder David Millis told a senior he was delivering groceries to on Friday.

Millis and Robbie Hobein started the Delivery Network as a way to provide grocery orders for seniors who shouldn’t be leaving their homes during the pandemic. Since March, their network of volunteers have completed over 400 deliveries.

“We wanted to figure out something so we could help our neighbors,” Millis told Denver7.

And until recently, that was predominantly helping on the food front. As the vaccine rollout happened in Colorado, the founders saw a chance to connect the dots and bridge the gaps among the elderly they already had connections with.

“We wanted to make sure we could reach out to folks who might otherwise fall through the gaps,” Hobein said.

Volunteers have assisted nearly all of their senior clients by teaching them how to sign up to get a shot, helping them create patient portals, and answering questions.

“Because a lot of our older folks over 70 don’t have smartphones and fancy computers and laptops and even internet connections,” Hobein added.

Hobein and Millis tell Denver7 their clients are as appreciative as ever that they can receive their necessities of groceries as well as information.


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