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Volunteer group sets up warming tents ahead of winter blast

'Mutual Aid Monday' made sure there are other options for people who can't make it to shelters
Posted at 4:37 AM, Jan 30, 2023

DENVER — At Civic Center park in Downtown Denver, there is a group of tents. It's an emergency shelter of sorts put together by volunteers as an extra resources for some of the most vulnerable in these cold temperatures.

Before the winds picked up and the temperatures dipped, volunteers with Mutual Aid Monday were ready.

"Day and night they are out here to make sure that the most at risk in our community don't die," said Brian Loma, a volunteer with Mutual Aid Monday.

Tents are set up this weekend for anyone who can't make it to a shelter.

"There's food, coffee and juice in there. There are some emergency survival tents as well. People are sheltering, heating up, warming up and preventing frostbite," Loma said of the effort.

The group will stay out there until the winter blast lets up, but they could use the public's help.

"In the extreme cold, the people who are living on the streets without being in permanent shelter, or housing services, things get wet, the temperature changes and things get destroyed," Loma said.

They are asking anyone who can, to donate items to help keep people warm.

"If people have extra socks, extra old jackets or boots that don't fit them that they're not using. We are accepting donations," said Loma

A small gesture could make all the difference for someone. The group will collect donations at 14th and Bannock and will be out there for the next few days.

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