VIDEO: Motorcyclist caught on camera driving dangerously through Denver

Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-08 18:56:26-04

DENVER — The antics of a motorcyclist caught on camera driving along Denver's highways caught the attention of Denver7's eye in the sky. 

AirTracker7 caught video of a motorcyclist, clad in jeans, a leather jacket and a helmet pulling maneuvers like wheelies, driving on the side of the road, driving with no hands and even dancing behind the "wheel." 

The list of actions may read like a list of traffic offenses, however no police caught the cyclist in the act. In fact, during one stretch of the 15 minute video (available below), the motorcyclist pumped the brakes and stopped driving on the shoulder of the road after seeing a police officer ahead. 

Denver7 traffic guru Jayson Luber watched the video and said he put all the people around him in danger.

"He was not acting in his own or the public's best interest when he was monitoring down the highway," Luber said. 

Luber said the motorcyclist likely broke nearly a dozen traffic violations, but could have been ticketed for each instance of a broken rule.

According to Luber, those rules exist to keep other drivers safe. But when you do encounter a reckless driver, there are a few steps to take to stay safe.

"With somebody who is driving in a reckless way, they are in the mindset that you will do what you will do, but if you make an erratic move, that throws them off," Luber said.

In addition to driving carefully around reckless drivers, Luber said they should always be reported to police via the 911 line. 

Give police descriptors like what the driver's appearance was, what the vehicle looked like, a license plate number if possible and what road the person was last seen on. 

Check out the entire video below.