Video: Denver Body cam footage at center of lawsuit shows guns drawn and man pulled out of car

Attorney says, "This guy is lucky he's alive"
Posted at 9:14 PM, May 08, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-09 00:21:10-04

DENVER -- A man says he was in his car waiting for a friend when police pulled their guns on him, pulled him out of his car and pushed him to the ground. The entire incident was caught on several body cameras issued by the Denver Police Department.

Deon Jones filed a lawsuit that accuses the officers of profiling and unlawful search. 

"I was like, man, are they going to kill me?" Jones said. "That was a shock, you know, just to be asked to be out of my vehicle to get out of my vehicle period."

You can watch a portion of the raw video here:


"You know my initial reaction when I first saw the video is this guy is lucky he’s alive today," said Jones' attorney David Lane.

Police arrested Jones and later found a small amount of cocaine. All charges were ultimately dropped.

"They pull him out of the car illegally, they search him illegally, they search his car illegally," said Lane.

The lawsuit filed by Jones is just the latest allegations of policy misconduct within DPD. The city is paying out big time to settle several high profile lawsuits. So far this year, a $1M dollars settlement was paid out to the family of Jessica Hernandez and $1.6M went to a family after a mistaken raid.