Venting systems successfully disperse two methane pockets; caution persists in Firestone

Posted at 5:25 PM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 21:22:35-04

FIRESTONE, Colo. — Two pockets of methane that posed a potential threat to residents in the community of Firestone have been dispersed after efforts taken by Anadarko and the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC). 

The pockets were found weeks after a deadly house explosion in April that was caused by a cut line from a nearby well that had been leaking non-odorous gas into the home for months. 

According to officials in a COGCC meeting Monday in Meeker, Anadarko shut down systems implemented to ventilate and disperse the two pockets of methane gas on Wednesday. 

After shutting down the systems and testing for the pockets of gas again on both Thursday and Friday, COGCC said no new gas was found.

State Oil and Gas leaders warned they will still approach the situation with caution and continue to monitor the area for any gas pockets, but called the findings "good news."

The Firestone community has relied on updates like this following the explosion in April. Many in Firestone say they fear for their safety and wished the latest update had come directly from the state or Anadarko.

"That's pretty much the way it's been, I mean I don't think we've gotten any news directly from them," said concerned homeowner Linnea Burson. "It would be nice if they would communicate directly with all of us rather than just finding out from you guys."

Burson's house is down the street from where the explosion happened on Firelight Ave. and sits feet away from where the largest methane pocket was found.  

"It's made us feel uncertain that are homes are safe and that's not a feeling anybody wants to have, especially when you have kids," she said. "It's been very concerning so I'm glad that there's nothing found."

Burson said she hopes the latest news, that no new gas was found, will help her neighborhood finally move forward.

"Knowing that, it might kind of finally resolve all of this, and we can start healing from what happened," she said. 

Denver7 will continue to follow developments in Firestone as they are released.