Vaccination rates are on the rise among Denver County teens

Health officials credit DPS vaccination program
teen vaccines
Posted at 8:13 AM, Sep 28, 2021

DENVER — Denver Public Schools is reporting a high COVID-19 vaccination rate among eligible teenagers.

DPS partnered with Denver Health to set up in-school vaccination clinics where students, staff members, and families can receive the shot.

“We are currently located at 18 campuses within DPS,” Denver Health Pediatrician Dr. Steve Federico said. “We’re in almost every high school and most middle schools across the district.”

Federico said at last check, 75% of eligible teenagers in Denver County are vaccinated.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the national vaccination rate for teens is 42%.

“I think it’s been really important for us to send the message of the safety of the vaccine,” Federico said.

Federico said the rate is still lower for students of color.

But Federico said the school-based clinics that also welcome families are starting to see results within the Latino community.

Federico said Latino students who have received the vaccine are encouraging their families to get the shot as well.

“Especially in our Latino families, we’ve seen that when the vaccine is available for the entire family and families have an opportunity to ask questions collectively, we’re much more successful in getting them vaccinated,” Federico said.

Federico said the only approved vaccine for teens is the Pfizer vaccine and as county health officials anticipate vaccine approval for 5- to 11-year-olds in the coming weeks, Denver Health and DPS plan to continue their in-school vaccine program.