VA will now cover IVF costs for injured veterans

Posted at 6:06 PM, Sep 29, 2016

GOLDEN, Colo. -- Congress has given the VA the green light to cover in-vitro fertilization treatments. 

The Pentagon covers active duty personnel, but not injured veterans who have to go through the VA. The treatment costs a couple, on average, $15,000.

After a year of advocating for a change, Congress listened to Tyler and Crystal Wilson. They were trying to conceive, but couldn't naturally because Tyler suffered an injury in Afghanistan that left him paralyzed.  

The Wilsons tell Denver7 the fight is not over because Congress will allow the VA to cover costs for just a year.

“Our goal is that no other couple has to go through that struggle when they are already struggling on a day-to-day basis of getting through life paralyzed,” said Crystal Wilson.

The Wilsons started their IVF treatment in January and they are expecting this March.