Upset parents calling for resignation interrupt Douglas County School Board meeting, Tuesday

Posted at 11:01 PM, Jun 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-22 01:01:34-04

Douglas County School Board President Meghann Silverthorn is accused of intimidating a student protest organizer behind closed doors.

Tuesday she shut down a meeting early because the packed house wouldn’t stop shouting and chanting for her resignation.

Board Member Judi Reynolds is also accused of bullying the student during that secretly recorded meeting.

An independent investigator released a forty-seven page report saying Silverthorn and Reynolds didn’t break any rules, but school board member Anne-Marie Lemieux believes that’s because there’s no specific policy saying you can’t intimidate a student in a closed door meeting without parental notification.

Lemieux temporarily left the meeting to stand with the crowd in protest.

“What has ensued since, has been a very controlled process by one of the people accused of intimidating this student,” said Lemieux.

Board members say this issue has divided the community and the board.

“The majority of board members will continue to control the rhetoric. They will prevent public comment. If they don’t want to hear it they won’t allow it,” said Jeanne Work Swaim in support of the student.

Both Silverthorn and Reynolds say they aren’t resigning.

“The personal attacks over the last few months have been incredibly hurtful for me and my family. I am grateful I was granted due process through this independent investigation,” said Reynolds.

The independent investigator who wrote the report will be at the Douglas County School Board meeting July 19th to talk about the report and answer any questions the board members have.