UFCW Local 7 and Safeway/Albertsons reach tentative agreement, union says

Posted at 6:07 PM, Feb 17, 2022

DENVER — The United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 (UFCW Local 7) and Safeway/Albertsons have reached a tentative three-year agreement, the union announced Thursday.

Details of the agreement were not released.

In a statement, Kim Cordova, president of UFCW Local 7, called the agreement the "richest Safeway/Albertsons contract in the country."

"UFCW Local 7 has reached yet another tentative agreement for unionized workers at Safeway/Albertsons in Colorado and Rocky Springs, Wyoming. This industry leading contract is the richest Safeway/Albertsons contract in the country. This agreement, which was secured without the need for a strike, ensures that workers receive paid sick leave, fair pay, a safe workplace, and access to affordable health care. It is also proof of what can happen when workers and the Union are treated with respect at the negotiating table.

"Our fight will always be about the rights for the Essential Workers who have shown up to work every day and kept our communities fed, even while many of them struggle to make ends meet on insufficient wages and in unsafe working conditions. I could not be prouder of our members who have worked tirelessly to secure a contract they deserve. We remain grateful to our shoppers, our community, and our Union members who helped make this agreement possible."

Union members must vote to ratify the contract. The union says those votes will take place throughout Colorado and Wyoming next week.

This agreement with Safeway/Albertsons comes nearly a month after union members voted to ratify an agreement with King Soopers following a strike that lasted almost two weeks.