Two people hurt in Lakewood house fire caused by smoking

Posted at 8:23 PM, Aug 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-10 00:28:21-04

LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Two people had to be taken to the hospital, and a dog had to be rescued Tuesday night after a house caught fire in Lakewood.

West Metro Fire said the fire, which started in the garage of the home on West Mexico Avenue and South Van Gordon Court, was caused by smoking.

They tweeted out this video of firefighters spraying the garage, which is a total loss. 

Investigators told our crew on the scene the people who live in the home had turned their garage into a lounge area where they would smoke.

According to West Metro Fire, the residents would light their cigarettes using a toaster that had faulty wiring.

Investigators believe that, along with the old couch in the garage, sparked the fire.

“Four people were in the house at the time. All four people got out, but two were transported to the hospital. They had smoke inhalation,” said Ronda Scholting with West Metro Fire.

The two people who were hurt only had minor injuries.

Firefighters found their dog hiding under a bed in the basement. 

“I’ve seen house fires, but nothing extreme. This was really really extreme,” said Jerry King, a man who lives down the street. “That garage was gone. It was just billowing smoke.”

Since the fire started in the garage it made matters even worse for firefighters, and the home. 

“Even if the vehicles didn’t start the fire they were maybe involved in that there were oil spills in the garage or gasoline. There’s your lawn mower in the garage. All sorts of things that are very combustible,” said Scholting.

The roof of the garage is completely gone and the family’s two cars are charred.