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Triple-digit heatwave sends people flocking to area lakes, beaches and rivers

Cherry Creek Swim Beach, Big Soda Lake now shuttered
Posted at 9:21 PM, Jul 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-11 00:07:29-04

DENVER -- Triple-digit temperatures sent people flocking to area lakes, beaches and rivers Friday in an attempt to cool down.

"We knew it was going to be super hot," said Erin Shaben, who went out paddle boarding with Coulter Freyre at Big Soda Lake Friday. "We just wanted to get in the water and just kind of relax and chill, and enjoy the sun."

Freyre told Denver7 the beach at Soda Lake was a little too packed for them, and that they preferred the social distance that water provided.

"We want to get out of the house and do things safely, but it makes it tough when...there are so few options," he said.

Big Soda Lake closure

Late Friday, the City of Lakewood decided to close Big Soda Lake and Bear Creek Reservoir because of county and state mandates related to social distance safety.

Still, many people were able to enjoy the beach and water most of the day.

The Gomez family came up to Big Soda Lake from Colorado Springs, because they wanted to enjoy some cool water.

"We went to Pueblo (Reservoir) and it's really hot," said Heymer Gomez. "The lake here is nice and cool, and outside it's hot, so it feels great."

The Gomez family set up a tent, both for protection from the sun and from other people's germs.

"Here in our own little shelter away from everybody else, it feels safe," said Keilly Gomez. "We're just glad that at least some places are open for us to enjoy the outdoors."

At Cherry Creek State Park, Cassius and Barbara Davis found a place in the shade, watching boaters zip by, creating their own breeze, and watching others play around in the water.

They set up fishing poles in the sun, then went back to their shade.

"We ain't catching anything, we're just throwing the poles out there," Cassius said, adding he was ready to jump up if he saw a nibble.

"Absolutely. If something happens, I'm on it," he chuckled.

Cherry Creek Swim Beach closed

The swim beach at Cherry Creek State Park is officially closed.

The park's website attributes the closure to a "natural algal bloom that may be harmful to dogs and humans."

The swim area will remain closed until conditions become acceptable to re-open.

Clear Creek

Tyler Haughness drove to Golden from Jamestown with hopes of staying cool in Clear Creek.

"I was going to go tubing down here," he said, "but obviously it's closed, so that's no good."

Clear Creek remains fenced off because of concerns that crowds won't maintain social distancing.

Haughness told Denver7 that Gross Reservoir is "Plan B."

"I'll get the paddle board out and probably head up there," he said.

As temperatures heat up, there are fewer and fewer options to keep cool.