Trash truck crashes into Englewood home, causing partial collapse

trash truck into home in Denver_Feb 24 2021
Posted at 1:09 PM, Feb 24, 2021

DENVER — A Waste Management trash truck backed into a home in unincorporated Englewood Wednesday, causing it to partially collapse, according to the Denver Fire Department.

The incident occurred on the 3300 block of S. Julian Street in unincorporated Englewood. Colorado State Patrol, which is leading the investigation, said the garbage truck, which was apparently unoccupied at the time of the crash, slid down the hill and crashed into the home.

trash truck into home_Feb 24 2021 2

The homeowner, David Silva, 71, was inside with his dog when the crash occurred. He said he is still shaken but uninjured.

"The dog and I — we went down for a nap at about 11:30 and then heard a big crash: Bam, boom," Silva said. "It shook the house and there was, like, dust flying all over."

He said his dog, Sunny, was scared and ran out of the house to the backyard. Silva said he came outside "and realized I no longer have a house, but I have a truck in my front room."

The fire department is working alongside Arapahoe County officials to "remedy the situation," the department said. The house may have to be torn down, officials said.

"We're waiting for them to come and assess the damage. See if it's structurally safe," said Silva. "That's where we're at now, and I'll be in contact with an insurance company to see what they could do. ... I need another house."

A spokesperson for Waste Management, which owns the truck, called the crash "a very unfortunate incident."

"We are working with the Denver Fire Department on their investigation, and we appreciate the first responders who assisted at the scene," said spokesperson Vicki Gomes.

Silva said the driver of the truck told him he was "very, very sorry."

"His main concern was my safety," Silva said. "He was pretty shook up as well. His main concern was my safety."

Silva has lived at the home for about six years.

"I'm a senior, and I'm sure my blood pressure hit the roof when this happened," he said. "Even now, I'm a little bit shook up. My thinking is not quite clear, but I'll get through it with the grace of the Lord. He'll protect me and take care of myself and my dog."