Single mom rents out tiny house for extra income

Posted at 7:58 PM, May 17, 2016
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Cashing in on the tiny house trend does not mean you have to live in one.

Tiny houses are popping up across Colorado. They are adorable, affordable and becoming more popular every day.  

But not everyone is interested in downsizing.

"I ordered it and a guy brought it down, just pulled it with a pickup truck and it's been rented ever since," said Holly Bidle.

Bidle is a geologist by trade who is cashing in on the tiny house craze, renting out a tiny home on her two-acre property in Golden.

"This one is the Wee Miner. It came down from Canada," said Bidle. "Come take the tiny tour."

A hand-carved "Wee Miner" sign hangs over the small sink as you enter the mining-themed little house, which has two loft beds on either end.

"There's nothing like waking up in that loft with the sun pouring in. It's like being in a bunk bed when you're a little kid. I just look down over here and I get happy," said Bidle, who enjoys staying in the loft when her tiny house is not rented for the night.

She bought the house for $29,000 and invested another $4,000 to get it ready to rent.

"It was more about generating extra income," she said.

Bidle runs electricity straight from her house and water right from a garden hose.

For about $130 a night, guests can enjoy this little slice of heaven and try out the tiny house lifestyle.

There is also a shower, three-burner stove, small refrigerator/freezer and convection microwave.

Bidle calls the dry flush toilet "jiffy poop" because the milar liner looks like Jiffy Pop popcorn as it expands around the waste, twists, and pulls it below.

She said it is good for about 15 flushes before it falls into a trash bag underneath, where it can be removed and disposed of.

Guests can find the Wee Miner on AirBNB. There is a two-night minimum and rates start at $130 per night.

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