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Three sisters invent alternative to keep babies warm in a car seat avoiding dangers of puffy coats

Posted at 10:10 AM, Dec 16, 2018

DENVER -- Making sure your baby is strapped into a car seat properly is paramount.

This becomes especially true during the winter months. Experts say strapping your baby in with a puffy winter coat is extremely dangerous as crash tests have shown that babies can slip through car seat straps while strapped in with a winter coat on. The parent may think the straps are tight when in reality the puffy coat only makes it look that way.

That's where 3 Sisters Non-Profit comes in. It was created by sisters in real life, Barb Goldsby, Joanne Isenhart and Karol Hodson.

Barbara has had a hole in her heart since she lost her stepdaughter, Nici, and starting the non-profit was a way of helping heal her heart and soul.

One of their products is a baby poncho for car seats. You can put it on your baby in place of a puffy coat before even strapping them in the car seat. The poncho then fits around the car seat and even comes with a hood to cover the baby's ears.

All money donated goes to buying more material to make the ponchos and other products.

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