Thousands of Clear Creek residents now have access to a doctor's office

Posted at 4:30 AM, Aug 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-01 09:19:52-04

IDAHO SPRINGS, Colo. -- Some people in Colorado now have access to a doctor’s office in their community.

Thousands of people must drive 30 minutes, sometimes longer depending on traffic and weather, just to see a doctor. But, now another option exists for Clear Creek and Gilpin Counties. Centura Health contracted with Clear Creek County to open a primary care doctor’s office.

"We had other clinics, and they've not lasted too long," said Anita Croswell.

Any of the locals in Idaho Springs will tell you having access to doctors in the mountain town was always a challenge. Clinics would open and close without any reason.

Croswell is staying optimistic about this one.

"I'm really glad to hear there's more available for the community," Croswell said.

Three exam rooms and two doctors will now work Inside a renovated, century-old brick home. The doctors will work Monday through Friday.

"Every community needs a great healthcare partner, and Idaho Springs has been without a health care partner for over six years," said Chief Medical Officer Shauna Gulley.

Centura Health recognized the need for the mountain towns in the two counties.

For the last six years, some people in the Clear Creek area would rely on the county's emergency medical service.

"They weren't calling us because they weren't choosing to seek any care. They were calling us because we were the only option," said Chief Paramedic Nicolena Johnson. "When your child is sick or you don't feel well, you need good advice."

Officials with Clear Creek County are hoping that opening the facility will save tax payer’s money.

Centura Health and the county plan to expand to a bigger medical facility in Idaho Springs.