These are the 7 most expensive restaurants in Denver

Posted at 7:21 PM, May 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-23 00:30:22-04

DENVER – When a drive-thru burger is not going to cut it, there are other options out there. Several restaurants in Denver cater to those with more sophisticated palates and bigger wallets.

But if you’re willing to pay the extra cash for the privilege of dining at one of Denver’s most exclusive restaurants, Yelp reviewers say you won’t be disappointed.

The site ranked more than 2,000 restaurants based on price, and these are the 7 Denver eateries you’re going to spend the most money at:

1. The Capital Grille
1450 Larimer St

Yelp review: “They offer an extraordinary wine list, extraordinary liquor selection and decent happy hour prices.”

2. Palace Arms
321 17th St
The Brown Palace

Yelp review: “Since we are poor college students, we had never been to a restaurant this fancy before.”

3. Mizuna
225 E 7th Ave

Yelp review: “The menu has something for just about anyone on it and we opted for the Mac and Cheese and the Foie Gras for openers.”

4. Fruition Restaurant
1313 E 6th Ave

Yelp review: “I don't normally order duck because it's never very good but I went for the Maple Leaf Farms Duck Breast ($27) and I'm glad I did.”

5. To The Wind Bistro
3333 E Colfax Ave

Yelp review: “The radish and onions paired very nicely with bone marrow and I couldn't get enough of it!”

6. Guard and Grace
1801 California St

Yelp review: “It's a beautiful space in a great location with a killer open presentation kitchen, raw bar, and generous sized bar for happy hour or drinks.”

7. Ocean Prime
1465 Larimer St

Yelp review: “This place is great for special occasions or if you want to just indulge and eat your way to steak heaven.”