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'The most spirited hotel in Denver': A look inside the Patterson Inn

Posted at 9:56 AM, Oct 29, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-29 11:58:17-04

DENVER — Welcome to the Patterson Inn. Built in 1891, this Capitol Hill mansion-turned boutique hotel has a past. Sen. Thomas Patterson and his wife, Katherine, were the first to live there… and may have never left.

But that’s not all that’s gone down at the Patterson – each room has its own story of haunting.

“Biltmore doesn’t like couples getting romantic in the room,” hotel owner Chris Chiari said of the Biltmore suite.

“There’s talking in [room] No. 9. Guys in the attic would talk about feeling things in the insulation.”

But that’s not what people travel to see, or what was featured in a documentary. There are stories of a baby – named Sarah – who was buried in the basement.

“The last owner tried to see if there was remains and poured concrete over the patch,” Chiari said. “This is a very active room. I get a chill every time I come in.”

“If you stand on the concrete pad and look into the back wall – everyone has seen something different.”

So… is the Patterson Inn haunted?

“I like to say it’s spirited,” Chiari said. “The Pattersons are alive and well in their house and you should come stay with them.”