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The Denver Zoo wants your help naming its newest baby sloth

The baby sloth, a boy, was born on Jan. 26, zoo officials say
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Posted at 11:21 AM, Feb 21, 2023

DENVER – We don’t know if sloth pregnancies are just as slow as the animal itself, but after months of patiently waiting, the Denver Zoo welcomed a new Linne two-toed sloth to their family – and now you get to pick its name.

For a $5 donation per vote, sloth aficionados and fans of all things slow will be able to vote for one of the names already selected by the sloth family’s zookeepers.

Before anyone gets any crazy ideas, it does pain to me write that “Slothy McSlothface” is not one of the options in this naming contest. I know, I’m very sad about it too.

The names you’ll get to vote for are:

  • Rain: Inspired by the tropical rainforest from which this species hails, a vote for Rain will make sure the little guy is always showered with love.
  • Wicket: Contrary to popular belief, the Denver Zoo does allow pop culture references for their residents’ names, and Wookiee is now in use, so it’s only fitting that his little brother be named after an Ewok, Zoo officials said.
  • Cappuccino: While the little guy is NOT caffeinated, the Zoo said, he does have a beautiful café con leche coat—and he’s perfectly sweet, even sin azucar.

Donations will go toward the care of sloth mom Charlotte and sloth dad Elliot, the new addition to the family, and the zoo’s other 3,000 wild residents, zoo officials announced in a news release Tuesday.

two-toed baby sloth born at denver zoo_feb 21 2023.jpg

The fundraiser (i.e., the naming contest) will run for four weeks and the baby sloth’s final name will be revealed in late March.

“In the meantime, guests are encouraged to stop by the Zoo to try to catch a glimpse of Charlotte and the baby in their Tropical Discovery habitat,” zoo officials said.

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