The 5 best and worst things about Colorado drivers

Posted at 2:51 PM, Aug 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-14 16:55:07-04

DENVER — Colorado drivers have been accused of being among the worst in the nation for years, but the state's motorists have some redeemable qualities as well. 

In a Nationwide Insurance study, speed was a main factor in why Colorado drivers are regarded as poor drivers. Similarly, QuoteWizard said a high number of crashes led them to rank the state's drivers as theeighth worst in the country.

Here are some of the five worst habits among Colorado drivers that earn them national ire:

1.) Aggressive drivers

Aggressive nature includes speeding, horn honking and more.

2.) Resistance to merge

Refusal to adopt the zipper maneuver, along with an aggressive approach to merging, lead experts to peg Coloradans as resistant to allowing others to merge. 

3.) Crash-prone drivers

A growing number of crashes, especially pedestrian-involved crashes, are a concern for insurers across the state. 

4.) Large number of old cars on the street

A quick glance at I-25 in rush-hour traffic reveals a large number of luxury vehicles on the road, but a plethora of old (and oftentimes) dangerous vehicles on the road also presents a concern.

5.) Speeding through the snow

Were each of the drivers named Santa, we wouldn't mind, but speeding through bad road conditions is a habit of some Coloradans. The ability to control one's vehicles in wet or slushy conditions is greatly diminished. 

BONUS.) Nose pickers

A quick survey of the Denver7 newsroom found that nose-picking habits among Colorado drivers is just considered gross. But hey, what else is there to do in rush hour traffic? 

Although Colorado drivers clearly have some bad habits, they also have been ranked some of the most courteous in the nation. It may seem contradictory, but as we said, Coloradans have many redeemable qualities behind the wheel.

Check out the top picks on our list: 

1.) The courtesy wave

When drivers do let one another in, a great majority of Colorado drivers will give a courtesy wave to the driver behind them in the rearview mirror. That's just nice! 

2.) Neighbors helping neighbors

When stranded on the side of the road, many drivers often pull off to the side to offer assistance, lend a helping hand or make a phone call.

3.) Knowledge of the road

Colorado drivers — at least those who have been there for a while — know the roads fairly well. They know them well enough to recognize traffic problems and to learn how to circumvent them.

4.) Animal awareness

Due to the diversity of terrain, Coloradans always have to be aware of animals, but the size of the creatures encountered in the roadways increases significantly as drivers travel into the foothills and mountains. Coloradans have proven they'll go to great lengths to avoid hitting an animal in the roadway. 

5.) Clean cars

Just because a car is old, doesn't mean it won't be clean. Both in the winter and summer, Colorado drivers seem to be on top of keeping their cars in tip-top shape. The state thanks you! 

Denver7's traffic guru Jayson Luber contributed to this story. Check out his Facebook page here.