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'That's all my life is right now:' Denver DACA recipient optimistic after SCOTUS decision

Court's decision not to hear case is celebrated
Posted at 6:35 PM, Feb 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-26 20:35:53-05

DENVER — Inside a Denver law office, Maria Valdez answers the questions and concerns of Dreamers.

Her work here is personal — she too is a DACA recipient.

"I moved to Lakewood from Mexico City, and I was 3 years old,” said Valdez.

Right now, Valdez and other Dreamers are in a bit of legal limbo. A feeling following them ever since the Trump administration announced the program protecting young undocumented immigrants was coming to an end.

"I feel like that's all my life is right now, is what's going on in the news. What do I have to look at today? What tweets? To just stay on top of this," she said.

The White House was hoping the Supreme Court would intervene, and possibly quash a lower court ruling saying DACA must continue as is.

But the court said "no," allowing the program to move forward.

"Now, it's at least a little clearer," she said.

While Valdez is optimistic about the future, a long-term solution is needed. 

Congress has been trying to work on a plan — but so far, no success.

"If Congress comes up with a piece of legislation that addresses the DACA program specifically and passes that law, it may supersede or augment the program that already exists,” said immigration attorney Hans Meyer.

 As for Valdez, she and others just want their chance to live the American dream.

“People want to be become doctors and lawyers and make a difference. I think that's most important, instead of thinking of us just as like a token or beggars," Valdez said.