Tech Thursday: Free educational apps for kids heading back to school

Posted at 9:01 AM, Aug 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-03 11:01:20-04

DENVER – Got homework? There’s an app for that.

More kids than ever have smartphones, tablets and computers and there’s a wealth of free, educational apps that can help them at school.

Here are some popular apps that kids may be interested in downloading before they head back to the classroom:


myHomework works a lot like an old-school organizer/planner and takes a lot of the effort out of staying on top of schoolwork. The app allows you to keep track of assignments and due dates and will send a reminder so you don’t forget.


Every kid’s dream: An app that will solve math problems using just a photo. Some parents and teachers might be concerned that the app allows kids to sidestep the important process of learning how to solve equations, but the app includes step-by-step solving instructions. Perfect for those take-home problems you can’t figure out.


Arguably the simplest and most robust free language learning app, Duolingo offers lessons in about two dozen different languages (and they just launched a Japanese course earlier this year). With cartoon-style graphics and simple exercises, the app makes language learning fun and nearly effortless.


Flash cards are a staple of many classrooms and Quizlet works like digital flashcards. Students can choose from millions of existing “study sets” or create their own. The app keeps track of progress and sends reminders to study up.


Evernote is one of the most popular note-taking apps available. Its features allow more than just jotting down a few lines of text – users can include photos, files, clips from web sites, and it’s all searchable. Everything also is synced between devices.

Bonus: Vroom

For kids who aren’t quite ready for school, Vroom aims to build up the brains of young children during one of the most important periods of brain development. The app gives parents and caregivers topics and tips to talk about with kids.