Tech Thursday: Denver-based Simple Booth launches app, hardware for digital photo booth experience

Posted at 11:35 AM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 13:35:20-04

DENVER – A Denver-based startup is looking to bring photo booths into the 21st century with a new line of products and a smartphone app.

Simple Booth officially launched its new app this week. The free Simple Booth app works like an old-school photo booth, but it allows the user to take photo strips or animated GIFs and easily share them on social media. One of the most unique aspects of the app is its “AutoPic” feature, which takes a picture when the user’s hand is steady – so there’s no need to press a button.

The app is part of Simple Booth’s photo booth ecosystem, which also includes a device called HALO, which essentially turns any iPad into a photo booth that can be installed at bars or events.

The Simple Booth app is location-enabled so users can find nearby events or venues using the company’s products.

Simple Booth’s founders say their goal is to take the traditional photo booth experience and turn it into something that’s easier to share in today’s digital age.

“We started by reimagining photo booths for the modern age,” said co-founder Mark Hennings. “Today we’re building a platform and community around location-based digital photo experiences. We want to help people capture social experiences with each other and their favorite brands using products that are fun and simple.”

SPiN, an international chain of ping pong social clubs, will integrate Simple Booth products into its locations in New York, Chicago and San Francisco next year.