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Teachers, parents plan protest in support of DougCo superintendent

School board members allege president, VP secretly sought superintendent's resignation
Douglas County School District
Posted at 10:03 PM, Feb 01, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-02 00:32:16-05

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. — Hundreds of teachers, parents and students could potentially walk out of school in Douglas County Thursday in support of district superintendent Corey Wise. The head of the Douglas County School District was allegedly asked to resign by school board president Mike Peterson and vice president Christy Williams.

The allegations were made public Monday by three school board members who said they were concerned about the way in which the superintendent was asked to resign.

Elizabeth Hanson, a director on the board, said she will file an official ethical complaint against the school board president and vice president for what she and her colleagues, David Ray and Susan Meek, agree are a violation of public record and procedure rules.

"We were just astounded and shocked that this was taking place," said David Ray, a director on the Douglas County Board of Education. "We direct the superintendent through policy. We don't do it on whims, we don't insert ourselves into the operation."

Board president Mike Peterson told Denver7 in a statement that he did not intend to remove the superintendent or force his resignation behind closed doors.

"Any formal decision regarding our superintendent’s employment status will take place during a public meeting, as required by law," the statement read. "There has been no action taken on the superintendent’s contract or employment status. Last week’s conversation was to provide our superintendent with information needed to participate in an ongoing discussion. I will continue to engage all board directors on this matter."

The school board has been politically split since the most recent election. Four new school board members have taken the district in a decidedly different direction. The first policies of the new board have been to rescind the district's mask policy and make major changes to its equity policy.