Super Bowl bound? Get ready to spend BIG!

Posted at 12:03 AM, Jan 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-26 02:03:45-05

As Broncos fans go, Scott Sanders is about as dedicated as they come.

"This is the Super Bowl where we went against Green Bay," Sanders said pointing to his ticket from Super Bowl XXXII.  "This one is the Super Bowl a couple of years ago, we don't want to talk about that result," he said pointing to his ticket from Super Bowl XLVIII.

Sanders has already been to three big dances, and he'll stop at nothing to make Super Bowl 50 to watch the Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers at Levi's Stadium.

"We've already bought airfare and hotels," Sanders said. "We're prepared to take out a second mortgage to go to the game."

He might need to. Tickets to Super Bowl 50 are pricey.  StubHub listed them Monday night starting at nearly 4-grand for nose bleed seats and climbing to $455,000 for a suite.

"We're just hoping in the next couple of days or week, prices will drop," Sanders said.

We checked. For two people to go to Super Bowl 50, the cheapest tickets total $9,347.10.  Two plane tickets to fly out Saturday, February 6, and back Monday, February 8, were $754 pre-tax and included an 8-hour overnight trip back with one layover.  Add in a rental car for two days ($114.52), A hotel for 2 nights ($720) and parking outside Levi's Stadium ($80) and Broncos fans are looking at a grand total of $11,015.62... that is, if you don't plan to eat or drink.

"The good news is there's still things available.  Hotel rooms are available, flights are available, car rentals are available, so if people want to go, there's ability to go," said Wave Dreher of AAA Colorado.

To save money, experts recommend arriving early, like on Wednesday, February 3rd and leaving late on Monday, February 8. Of the three airports, San Jose International is the cheapest of the three in the area to fly.