Street doctor seeks out patients for free healthcare

Posted at 7:26 PM, Jun 17, 2016

A University of Colorado Hospital doctor took her medical skills to the streets to help people who can't afford it, Friday.

The group called Yahweh Health Care Clinic provides free health care to people without health insurance or that can't pay for help or medication to treat illness. YHC is headed by Kathryn Boyd-Trull, M.D. They periodically set up in parking lots and invite people to see a physician for free.

"We believe people shouldn't have to choose between food for the day and their medications, which are just basic healthcare," said Boyd-Trull. "We know close to 40 to 50 percent don't have health insurance it's the undocumented population."

The group typically sees 20-30 people a day they offer the service, but they also seek out area homeless. One such place is the Commerce City Walmart on 60th Avenue. On any day, a dozen or more people can be found living out of their cars and broken down motor homes.

"There's a huge need in these parking lots. People just stay in their cars, and they live in their cars until they become homeless," said Boyd-Trull. "We want to get to them before that happens."

In the heat and with no income, many swelter in the sun, seeking out shade under trees and with towels. YHC also provides these people with food from the food bank.

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