Storm Shield Plus now offers customized weather alerts via phone and text message

Posted at 2:31 PM, Dec 01, 2016

Storm Shield provides fast, accurate severe storm and tornado alerts to any kind of phone. Local subscribers have come to rely on this very successful service from the Denver 7 First Alert Weather Team over the past 4 years.

We are pleased to announce that this service is getting even better! Introducing STORM SHIELD PLUS! (powered by WeatherCall)

Often, there are sudden changes in the local weather that are important, but fall just below the traditional severe weather warning criteria. For example, there may be a thunderstorm producing strong wind gusts that are less than 60 mph, but still may down trees or power lines in a very specific neighborhood.  

During the winter months, an inch or two of snow may not require a weather warning, but if it hits just before rush hour can have a major impact on your plans. 

Now, we CAN let you know – thanks to STORM SHIELD PLUS. Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson, Lisa Hidalgo and the First Alert Team monitor weather conditions that may affect Denver 7 viewers.

When conditions warrant, we draw a box around the affected area and create a voice and text message telling you what you need to know. Within seconds, STORM SHIELD PLUS instantly calls and texts ONLY those subscribers affected by the threat.  It is your personal weather alert service –  contacting you when changing weather will impact your plans.

If you are already a Storm Shield Phone Alert subscriber, you already have this new feature - there is nothing more you need to do!


STORM SHIELD PLUS is affordably priced, starting at $8.99/year.  This cost guarantees you will receive accurate and precise National Weather Service storm warnings plus the customized alerts you can ONLY get from Mike Nelson and the First Alert Weather Team. There is no better way to ensure peace of mind for all ages, especially for children and seniors.

Subscribe by going here: or by calling 877-438-4977 for full details.

STORM SHIELD – proven technology!

STORM SHIELD provides accurate information from the National Weather Service by only warning you if your immediate area is affected by an official National Weather Service warning. When unexpected storms head your way, STORM SHIELD’s phone calls and texts are designed to get your attention.  Fast, accurate weather alerts save lives – and that is truly priceless!