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Stay-at-home order means some people need to learn to cook

Simple tips from culinary professor
Posted at 2:23 PM, Mar 29, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-30 07:27:27-04

With everyone under orders to stay home as much as possible, some people are still relying on restaurants offering take-out and delivery for their meals. But for those trying to save money, now may be the time to sharpen their skills in the kitchen.

Denver7 spoke to Metropolitan State University Professor Jackson Lamb for some tips to get started. He has several videos on cooking that can be found on YouTube.

"You're used to eating, you know what you like, so it's a matter of going out and finding those products," said Lamb.

Lamb teaches a course called "food fundamentals" which includes lessons in cooking simple foods like eggs. After that, Lamb suggests moving on to whole meals that can be cooked in one pot.

"I love working with my big cast iron pan," he said.

Lamb cooks a protein like salmon or steak in the pan, then puts that to the side while cooking other vegetables, before combining everything together.

He says novice cooks can get by with a pot and saucepan as well as a good knife and cutting board. But he also advises getting a quality can opener.

"I look at what is empty on the shelves right now, all the beans are gone, black beans cannellini beans, so there's a lot of easy ways out," he said.