Staunton State Park hopes program will help ease tension between hikers and bikers

Posted at 6:14 PM, Aug 24, 2019

STAUNTON STATE PARK, Colo. — A new program at Staunton State Park is helping create safer trails and ease hiker and biker tensions.

“Bikers and the hikers have a little bit of a relationship issue,” Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Annie Thran said.

Trails are often congested, and getting around is tough to navigate with so many people and bikes.

“We feel like that’s a problem that needs to be fixed,” Thran said.

They had a bunch of bike bells waiting to be used, so they hatched this plan.

For the past few weeks, bikers can pick up their bells at the trailheads and drop them off when they are done. Two hundred bells were donated to create the idea for the program, which is getting ringing endorsements from riders.

“I like it," biker Joshua Baruch said. "I like to let people know I’m coming."

The bike bell pilot program has proven to be a success. They are considering spreading the idea to other parks.