State outlines how to get Colorado voting ‘blue book' after issues in printing, mailing

Posted at 6:14 AM, Oct 11, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-11 08:14:41-04

DENVER — If you didn’t receive your Colorado Ballot Information Booklet, better known as the “blue book,” there's a reason. And a way to get your copy.

Colorado voters receive these books before elections, as a way to highlight the ballot measures and judges on the ballot. The book contains information on the 13 statewide ballot measures, pros and cons for each, as well as the fiscal impacts, and the judges up for retention, plus whether they met or failed to meet performance standards.

But there have been a few problems this year.

One of the printer’s data processing settings defaulted to physical addresses instead of mailing addresses, so some residents who get their mail from the P.O. boxes — though this only applies to 36 counties, not statewide — will not receive the “blue books.”

Some other voters may have found that pages were missing in their books.  

The books are not issued by the Colorado Secretary of State's office, but rather the legislature's nonpartisan Legislative Council. The group reported that about 90,000 books have been resent and county clerks have been supplied with extra books.

Because the Colorado Secretary of State's office has received several inquiries about this, it is advising voters on how to pick up their own “blue book” if they did not get one in the mail.

The books are available online here. Residents can also contact the Legislative Council on this topic by emailing