State issues warning about coyote activity in January and February

Posted at 10:39 AM, Jan 06, 2017

DENVER -- Colorado Parks and Wildlife is issuing a warning about coyote activity in January and February.

"As coyotes pair up to breed, they may be more territorial than usual and defend their space as they carve out a place to have their young," Colorado Parks & Wildlife said. 

More than 25 people in the Denver metro area have been bitten by coyotes since 2007, officials said.

Last year in January & February, a young girl was nipped by a coyote in Centennial, a coyote approached a grandmother pushing a stroller in Aurora and there were four incidents of a mangy coyote baring its teeth at people in Lakewood, CPW reported.

"In addition to transferring disease, unfortunately, coyotes can see our pets as a prey source; so pet owners need to be extra diligent about protecting their animals," said Liza Hunholz, area wildlife manager for Denver.

If you see a coyote, CPW says you should scare or haze it:

  • Do not run or turn your back, be as big and loud as possible
  • Wave arms & yell in an authoritative voice
  • Throw rocks, sticks, tennis balls or anything else you can find
  • Bang pots and pans together
  • Turn on flood lights

Learn more tips on Colorado Parks and Wildlife's website.


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