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State Board of Education votes to remove Adams 14's accreditation, reorganize district

Adams 14 School District
Posted at 7:27 PM, May 10, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-11 00:16:24-04

DENVER — The Colorado State Board of Education voted Tuesday to remove Adams 14 School District's accreditation and begin the process to reorganize the district.

The board also instructed the school district to proceed with its plan of working with management company TNTP as a partial manager.

This decision comes after years of low academic performance at Adams 14 — so much so that the State Board of Education was required by law to intervene.

District leadership was tasked with coming up with an improvement plan, which would either be approved or denied by the state board. During a meeting on April 14, the state board voted to send Adams 14 back to the drawing board in terms of how they plan to manage the district moving forward.

The reorganization of the district aligns with one of two recommendations made by a state review panel back in March. The second recommendation — which was to close Adams City High School — was taken off the table during the April 14th meeting.

The reorganization process will take more than a year and will include opportunities for community participation, according to the state board. All Adams 14 schools will remain open during the process.

According to the state board, an Organization Planning Committee will be created as the first step in the reorganization process. The committee will include representatives from each contiguous Adams County school district — Mapleton School District, Adams 12 Five Star Schools and Brighton School District 27J.

The committee will develop a plan, and then the community will provide feedback during public hearings, the state board explained. Voters in each of the affected districts will get to approve or disapprove the plan during an election, the state board continued.

The State Board of Education asked the Colorado Attorney General's Office to prepare written orders reflecting the board's decision.