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'Spark the Change' nonprofit contracted by the City of Denver to help with move-in process for House1000 plan

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Posted at 12:55 PM, Dec 06, 2023
and last updated 2023-12-06 14:56:45-05

DENVER — The City of Denver is turning to nonprofits across the metro to help achieve the mayor's goal of housing 1000 of our unhoused neighbors by the end of the year. Among those nonprofits is Spark the Change, which is helping the city with volunteer efforts.

While the city has not confirmed when move-ins will begin at micro-communities, Spark the Change has already begun filling volunteer shifts to help move those who are unhoused into shelter spaces.

Leanne Mersmann, the manager of volunteers for Spark the Change said there will be two shifts per day, some will be two hours and others will be three. Mersmann said the duties volunteers will tackle vary.

"Volunteers can be doing all different kinds of things. Mostly right now, it's volunteers moving bags, and any kind of belongings that belong to these guests, but we also have painting to do, we have cleaning to do, just anything that needs to happen to prepare the rooms for the guests to move in," Mersmann said.

She added once micro-community move-ins begin, volunteers will also be in charge of welcoming new residents off buses, leading them to intake tables and even writing welcome letters at some point.

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Every shift will have 15 volunteers and depending on the need of the day, Mersmann said it's possible there could be upwards of 30 or even 50 volunteers per shift.

At last check, the earliest volunteer opportunity is on the morning of Dec. 7, although, there aren't volunteer shifts available until Dec. 29.

"We are so grateful that there many people in Denver and just the Denver Metro area who want to help, and they believe in this cause," Mersmann said.

She added the only other thing the Spark the Change nonprofit is in need of besides volunteers to help with the move-in process for the House1000 plan, is donations.

Mersmann said they're in need of snacks and water to feed volunteers, as well as puncture proof gloves.

If you're interested in volunteering to move-in the unhoused, click here.

Nonprofit to help with volunteer efforts for move-in for House1000 plan

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