South Platte River Basin gets a "C" grade from environmental agency

Posted at 6:30 AM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-25 18:16:40-04

DENVER-- An environmental agency in Colorado is giving out letter grades to rivers across the state. 

Conservation Colorado gave a low letter grade to one river millions of people in the Denver metro benefit from: The South Platte River Basin received a letter grade of "C". 

"We have a number of different factors we look at for the river," said Theresa Conley.

Conley serves as the advocacy director for the agency. She notes the South Platte River received a low grade for water quality, the flow of water from basin to basin and for the seven dams along the river. Those dams can have an impact. 

"It changes how much water can flow down, the timing of those flows," said Conley. "It can increase water temperature of the river, which we know, can be harmful to fish aquatic species and a number of habitat." 

The report says conserving water can help with some of the problem in the South Platte River Basin. 

Barr Lake and Milton Reservoir Water Shed Association, which is part of the South Platte River Basin, gave Denver7 a quote in response to the report and said: 

"We appreciate Conservation Colorado shining a light on the importance of our water resources. The Barr Lake and Milton Watershed Association is working hard to keep water clean and spread the word about what people can do to keep their water clean."

Conley said the report can, hopefully, shed light and inform people about the rivers problems. 

To see the report click here.