Melting snow floods apartment

Posted at 10:50 PM, Apr 19, 2016

Tia Arguello came home to a flooded apartment and the water hasn't stopped coming in. Colorado is thawing out and snow is melting fast after  a winter storm over the weekend.

Arguello noticed the flooding when she got home from work on Monday. She spent all night trying to vacuum the water up and move her belongings out of the way.

Maintenance staff placed large fans in her bedroom where the carpet is sopping wet. Water is also pooling up on the floor in the living room.

"So when I went and spoke with the landlord I asked if they could move me to a different unit until they got this fixed or just let me have a different unit, she said the only way I can move to the other unit is if I pay more rent," said Arguello.

She just moved into the apartment earlier this month. She barely had a chance to unpack and is now cleaning up a big mess.

Denver7 reached out to apartment management. A staff member in the officer told us, "We’ve been fully in the process of helping her."

Colorado's Warranty of Habitability Law offers some protection for renters but ultimately it can depend on what's in the lease.

Another resident who is moving out of the building said others have experienced problems with flooding. Leticia Villa said her unit flooded three times over the past year.

"Everyone in this bottom floor has just complained and they haven’t done anything," said Villa.