Heavy snow, strong wind: Let's go fly a kite

Posted at 5:59 PM, Dec 15, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-15 19:59:05-05

If we had to guess, not many people looked out of their windows Tuesday and thought, “Let’s go fly a kite.”

There’s the majority, and then there are the others.

Bently Blaho and Kyle Bauer are two of the others. The boarders couldn’t wait to get to Dove Valley Park when the sky dumped snow for hours and the wind blew it sideways.

“This is perfect weather. This is, like, my favorite thing. A blizzard is the best,” Blaho said.

They’re right when it comes to snow kiting – or grabbing onto a parasail that pulls you and your board all over the powder.

Blaho watches the weather like a hawk this time of year, he said, waiting for a day to snow kite and landboard.

“There’s no traffic on I-70 or anything. I could walk here from my house and kite all day, and then enjoy a beer by the fire.”

Bauer, a sponsored snowboarder, calls Tuesday’s weather the perfect conditions.

“(All you need is) a snowboard. This is it. Couple inches of snow and wind,” he said, adding he’ll take gusts of up to 35 mph.

And conditions really were perfect. The sails were taught and the boarders glided easily, and quickly, atop the snowfall.

They’re all part of a Facebook group and get in touch with each other on any day like this.

This workout fatigues them as it goes on, but it’s not just the snow kiting that’ll do you in.

For some, like Denver7 photojournalist Jeff Howe, the weather conditions alone will take care of that.