Sheridan Police say speed van does not obstruct sidewalk

Posted at 6:13 PM, Aug 04, 2017

SHERIDAN, Colo. -- Jeff Los' commute sometimes leaves him rattled.
His big gripe is a warning sign and photo radar van used by the City of Sheridan in both directions on Federal Boulevard.
Police say they can be here year round because it's near both a school and a park.
"I've almost gotten into multiple accidents as well with people slamming their brakes, and you almost rear-end them," said Los.
Questions of safety and inconvenience
"They're consistently still parking on the sidewalk, blocking pedestrians," he said.
Denver7 took Los' concerns to Sheridan Police, first asking about the sidewalk.
"First off, where the van's parked is not a sidewalk. It's not developed. It's not improved," said Sheridan Police Commander Bruce Williamson.
As far as safety, police tell us there have been no recent accidents.
"I hope that this van can hopefully go away and we can work on solutions that will improve safety for all," said Los.
Ticket fees range from $40-$80.  It is unclear how much Sheridan makes off of ticket fine.