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Several DPS schools struggle to find ways to return to in-person learning this month

At least two high schools not returning for now
Denver Public Schools
Posted at 4:49 PM, Oct 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-05 20:43:13-04

DENVER — The state’s largest school district is poised to return to in-person learning later this month.

Denver Public Schools are one of the last large districts in the state to return, but some schools within the district already appear to be struggling with ways to make in-person learning work.

Westerly Creek Elementary school says it “…does not have enough adult coverage to meet the cohort guidelines for lunch, recess and indoor recess."

Both George Washington High School and Denver South High School have decided to continue with all remote learning, even though other DPS high schools will be returning to in-person learning with hybrid models in mid-October.

Several schools have now indicated they are modifying plans.

“I don’t know that DPS is staffed appropriately to properly handle it where kids are still in their same classes,” said DPS mom Wendy Maffie.

Maffie respects the different challenges of each school, but also questions the in-person return plans that vary from school to school, putting families in difficult situations.

“What are the parents doing?” she said. “How does this affect them only doing a limited time in school? They have to get back and forth from the school, to home and to work in some cases. You know, it's difficult to near impossible for some.”

Denver7 reached out to DPS superintendent Susana Cordova for comment. We have not heard back.