See the 6 Colorado stores that have sold the most winning Powerball tickets

Posted at 5:30 AM, Aug 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-23 07:46:31-04

DENVER — When it comes to selling winning lottery tickets, not all Colorado stores are made the same. 

Six stores have reputations in Colorado of selling more winning tickets than any others. With the Powerball jackpot at $700 million — the second highest it has ever been — many are looking for any edge they can gain. 

These are the top six stores for Powerball ticket sales in Colorado: 

Diamond Shamrock in Colorado Springs on on 1801 Main St. (Four winners with $2 million in winnings)

King Soopers #101 in Thornton on 13700 Colorado Boulevard. (Four winners with $91,000 in winnings.) 

King Soopers #21 in Highlands Ranch at 9551 S. University Boulevard. (Four winners with $120,000 in winnings.) 

King Soopers #62 in Westminster at 10351 N. Federal Boulevard. (Five winners with $1 million in winnings.) 

King Soopers #73 in Fort Collins at 4503 John F. Kennedy Parkway (Five winners with $2.3 million in winnings.) 

King Soopers #89 in Broomfield at 1150 U.S. Highway 287. (Four winners with $290,000 in winnings.) 

Long story short? Buying a lottery ticket at a King Soopers isn't a bad idea! Of all locations that sell tickets, 35 locations in Colorado have sold Powerball tickets that yield winners of over $1 million.

Denver7's Deb Stanely contributed to the reporting of this story.