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Say it ain’t snow! March, Denver's snowiest month is upon us

A statistical preview of Denver's March weather
Posted: 6:13 PM, Feb 28, 2023
Updated: 2023-03-15 10:54:42-04

DENVER — After a very snowy February, with Colorado snowpack levels sitting at 123% of median as of Feb. 28, Denver is entering its statistically snowiest month—March. The month typically accounts for 20% of the city's annual snowfall.

March is snow joke as we transition to spring, but before we get to that, let’s get the stats out of the way.

March is Denver’s fifth coldest month with a mean temperature of 40.4 degrees, according to the National Weather Service.

March starts the month with a normal high of 50 degrees and ends with a normal high of 58 degrees.

What was the warmest temperature recorded in Denver in March? That would be a balmy 84 degrees, which was recorded on March 26, 1971.

warmest marches.png

For low temperatures, the month begins with a normal of 22 degrees and finishes with a normal of 30. The coldest in got in Denver in March was -11 degrees on the 28th day of 1886.


Let it snow

We typically see on average more than 10 inches of snow in March, but the month is also known for the biggest snowfall events to hit the region.

One of the more memorable blizzards was back in March 2003. Heavy snow fell for several days leaving roads impassable, crippling the Denver area. A whopping 35.2 inches fell in the metro area.

Denver7 Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson provides an outlook on March weather and explains some of the extreme weather statistics. Watch the video in the player below:

March weather in Colorado

The second snowiest March occurred in 2021 when 34.0 inches fell on the Mile High City. The bulk of that 34 inches came in the March 13-14 storm, which dumped 27.1 inches of snow at the airport, where the official weather records are recorded.


The Denver7 360 In-Depth team charted an overall and detailed look at what to expect from the weather in March. The infographics tell the story of what to expect on a typical day as well as how much of a warm up to expect over the course of the month (according to the averages).

In this Denver7 360 In-Depth deep dive 📈

  • Preview Denver's March weather 🌤
  • Check the normal high/low by day ☀️
  • Compare record low and high temperatures ☀️
  • The wettest Marches on record 🌧

To view March stats and data fullscreen on your computer or phone click here.

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