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Rope across Bear Creek posed a potential hazard for visitors

Rope across Bear Creek_July 18 2021
Posted at 6:21 AM, Jul 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-19 08:21:53-04

DENVER — A vigilant man walking his dog at Bear Creek Park called 911 after spotting a thin rope tied across the fast-moving creek on Sunday morning. He said he was worried it could become a hazard for people in the water.

Michael Corey was out for his weekly walk at the park on Sunday when he noticed a rope, which was tied on both sides of the creek.

“I thought of the news stories about tacks being put on trails, and fishing wire being put across trails, and I thought, 'This is an equal danger right here,'” Corey said.

Corey, a former teacher, was worried if it wasn’t taken down immediately someone playing or tubing in the creek would get seriously hurt.

“I decided this could be a danger to a child in an inner tube, and perhaps get a neck or head injury because the water is going through here quite fast,” Corey said.

He said he called 911, but when he returned, more than five hours after his initial calls, the rope was still in the same place. Shortly after Denver7 got involved, Denver police officers showed up and removed the rope from the creek.

An officer said she didn’t believe the rope was placed with malicious intent. A father nearby said the rope was likely placed to help tubers safely get out of the water or grab onto something if they fall out of a tube.

Denver7 contacted a tubing company in Golden to ask about the tactic. An employee said they never use ropes because they can pose a strangulation hazard. We also reached out to Denver Parks and Recreation to see if the rope violates park rules. We are still waiting for a response.