Rocky Ford cantaloupe season begins in Colorado, hits Denver

Posted at 2:22 PM, Jul 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-24 16:22:55-04

DENVER — The first Denver resident to receive a Rocky Ford cantaloupe of the season was Governor John Hickenlooper on Monday morning. He was afforded the honor of receiving the first of the season.

Not far behind, Denver7 crew members were able to chomp into the local delicacy on Monday morning, marking the beginning of the season. 

Rocky Ford cantaloupe season lasts for about seven weeks, with the end of harvest in September. Regardless, about 4 million cantaloupes will be produced and sold. 

According to farmers, the cantaloupes are the best in the world due to a combination of blazing hot days, cool nights and fresh water from the Arkansas River that irrigates the valley. 

Farmers delivering the sweet melons have only Palisade peaches to compete with, which are also coming into season and should be available throughout the state soon.