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Ricardo Flores Magón Academy student struck by 'recklessly speeding' driver while walking home from school

School officials call for more safety measures
Angie Gonzalez-Torres
Vehicle involved in Ricardo Flores Magón Academy crash
Ricardo Flores Magón Academy school zone
Posted at 3:21 PM, Dec 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-08 19:39:46-05

DENVER — Ricardo Flores Magón Academy officials are calling for change after a third grader was hit by a car while walking home from school Tuesday.

School officials say Angie Gonzalez-Torres was walking home with her siblings when she struck while trying to cross Lowell Boulevard.

According to the Adams County Sheriff's Office, the driver was "recklessly speeding" down the street after being involved with separate pursuits with other law enforcement agencies. Authorities believe the driver was not actively being pursued when Angie was struck.

Angie was transported to Denver Health with moderate-to-serious injuries.

Colorado State Patrol believes the involved vehicle is a brown 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV with license plate AZQ027.

Vehicle involved in Ricardo Flores Magón Academy crash
Colorado State Patrol believes the involved vehicle is a brown 2015 Hyundai Santa Fe SUV with license plate AZQ027.

The vehicle has not yet been located, and CSP does not have information on the driver at this time.

The area is designated as a school zone and features signage. However, school officials say more needs to be done to keep students safe.

“I’d like to see an additional crosswalk, I’d like to see signage and really, I’d like to see another light," said Zachary Dominello, Ricardo Flores Magón Academy executive director and head of school. "I think that would send a message.”

In a letter to parents, school officials said they are "looking for ways to make Lowell Boulevard safer."

"This includes contacting and working with the city to have an additional traffic light or crosswalk put in and making our School Zone Speed Limit more visible to passing cars," the letter read.

"In general, this area around the school has been and is continuously being addressed with the school and surrounding residents," Sgt. Adam Sherman with the Adams County Sheriff's Office said in an email to Denver7.

Sgt. Sherman also said the sheriff's office has increased traffic enforcement in the area.

When it comes to school zone signage, the sheriff's office said it does not provide signage for such designation. A separate department within Adams County is responsible for signage.

Denver7 reached out to Adams County regarding signage. In an email, Christa Bruning, director of communications with Adams County, said the school has the ability to add flasher signs as they wish.

"They do not have to get those approved through Adams County," she said. "They can install signage wherever they see fit, and let us know of the signage once installed."

Bruning said the county has not received "any greater than normal complaints" for the area. However, in response to Denver7's inquiry, the county will perform a follow-up signage review, according to Bruning.

School officials say a Ricardo Flores Magón Academy staff member will be stationed at the corner of the school to direct students to the crosswalk and help them cross safely.

Many staff, students and families witnessed the crash. The school is working to provide crisis support and counselors to help students and staff process what happened.

Angie is still recovering in the hospital. A GoFundMe has been created to help her and her family. To donate, click here.

Anyone with information regarding the involved vehicle or the driver is asked to call CSP dispatch at 303-239-4501 and reference case #1D213846.